Friday, April 29, 2005

Can you really blame the kids?

"My decision [also] does have something to do with dissatisfaction with the U.S. After all George Bush did in his first term to prove that he was unfit to hold any public office--as much as you could expect in that regard from anyone--Americans voted for him anyway. I think that fact speaks more ill of America and its future than all the unspeakable, shameless things Bush has done since re-election. I shall be glad to be living elsewhere." - Philosopher Charles Travis on the reasons for his move from Northwestern to King's College, London.

I have to ask: Is it fair to blame duped people? Give me a minute before calling me elitist. When most of the country works 9-5 then gets their "education" from television news, I think it is only to be expected that most people will reflexively vote for Bush.

We have nothing close to a critical public.


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