Sunday, May 22, 2005

Christians at Cornell?

Read this article for some background: Class Matters - Social Class and Religion in the United States of America - The New York Times.

Choice quote: "The Christian Union has bought and maintains new evangelical student centers at Brown, Princeton and Cornell, and has plans to establish a center on every Ivy League campus. In April, 450 students, alumni and supporters met in Princeton for an "Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action." A keynote speaker was Charles W. Colson, the born-again Watergate felon turned evangelical thinker."

Another choice quote: "When he arrived at Brown, in Providence, R.I., Mr. Havens was astounded to find that the biggest campus social event of the fall was the annual SexPowerGod dance, sponsored by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Alliance and advertised with dining-hall displays depicting pairs of naked men or women. "Why do they have to put God in the name?" he said. "It seems kind of disrespectful.'" Why do evangelicals want to ban gay marriage? It seems kind of disrespectful.

Then look at The Christian Union's Cornell Site.

Choice quote: "Our current ministry at Cornell University consists of a ministry center called the Mott House, our partnership ministry with other Christian groups on campus, and an evangelistic media campaign through Tennent Media and Campus Crusade for Christ at Cornell. In addition we publish the Cornell Christian Observer."

Another choice quote: "PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY - ITHACA, NEW YORK - NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT - As part of Tennent Media's (a ministry of Christian Union) evangelistic campaign, we are handing out thousands of copies of Christian books on the Cornell, Princeton and Yale campuses. We are partnering with Yale Students for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ at Cornell and Manna Christian Fellowship (at Princeton) to hand out John Piper's The Passion of Jesus Christ, Phillip Yancey's The Jesus I Never Knew, Ravi Zacharias' Jesus Among Other Gods and Armond Nicoli's The Question of God. We will be handing out a total of 6,550 books in the next few weeks. Please pray that those who receive them have open and eager minds to know God better."
Do you really need an open mind to know God better? Or maybe a scared, intimidated, despairing mind?

Finally look at The Christian Union's Board.

Choice quote: "Matt Bennett serves as the president of the ministry. He grew up in Houston, Texas and attended Cornell University, graduating with a B.S. in Hotel Administration in 1988. He stayed an extra year as part of a joint degree program and earned an M.B.A in Finance from Cornell in 1989." A hotelie and an MBA student. Must be a really smart guy. In fact, he's so brilliant he has spoken to God! Quote from the Times article: "The Christian Union is the brainchild of Matt Bennett, 40, who earned bachelor's and master's degrees at Cornell and later directed the Campus Crusade for Christ at Princeton. Mr. Bennett, tall and soft-spoken, with a Texas drawl that waxes and wanes depending on the company he is in, said he got the idea during a 40-day water-and-juice fast, when he heard God speaking to him one night in a dream.

"He was speaking to me very strongly that he wanted to see an increasing and dramatic spiritual revival in a place like Princeton," Mr. Bennett said."

Or maybe, just maybe, you were hallucinating because of low glycogen stores in your liver. It's called bonking in the cycling world. I sometimes get the feeling at the end of a 4 hour tempo ride. It's a bad feeling.

I'm going to be really unhappy with Cornell if they give much support to these fools. I don't think its acceptable for people to have dogmatic beliefs without any empirical/falsifiable evidence, especially in a university setting. I think university-educated people have to start going after politicians and the public when they justify policies or opinions on faith. Policies and opinions must be grounded in empirical evidence. My tolerance for people who justify major policy decisions on what a "trascendent book" said is nil. Policy and opinions must be grounded in reality - i.e. empiric evidence and unconfused reasoning. We really need a reality-based world.

On a more sophomoric note: I had a drunk hook-up with a girl from the Campus Crusade for Christ. Ha!


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